Very disappointed...

Member Rating 1 out of 5 by YouShouldKnow on July 13, 2011

We have been to several haunted places and this was by far the worst "ghost" tour we've ever been on. We were given tools but never taken anywhere specific to use them. We basically pointed lasers at the outside of buildings and were told about the interesting things INSIDE them that we couldn't see. We touched walls of buildings to get the "feeling" of dead people INSIDE, we looked at an entombed little girl (well thats what we were told, we really couldn't see because its around a small corner INSIDE a building) through windows and were told about how wonderful the other tours are. We looked at textured walls and were shown "ghost faces" that could have just as easily be seen in a passing cloud. Overall the stories were good but this is far from ghost hunting. Oh, and be prepared to walk..forget about that temperature controlled bus they talk about...or the cemeteries..we didn't see those either. Wouldn't recommend as a ghost tour, but not bad for a "who died and how" history lesson. Graphic descriptions of deaths so I wouldn't recommend for kids

The Alamo Ghost Hunt Tour
317 Alamo Street
San Antonio, Texas

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