A must in NOLA. Beignets were great. Line was not.

Member Rating 4 out of 5 by tobert on July 13, 2011

Cafe Du Monde was on our must see list in New Orleans, and we're glad we went. It was a bit rainy and the line was very long, but it did move fast. It allowed us time to take some pictures of the surrounding area. The seating was a bit crazy. There did not seem to be a dedicated host, yet there was someone who was pointing at tables. But the tables weren't yet clean, and you felt like you had to run to it for fear that it would be taken. Given the line, there was no way to request a certain area of the restaurant. Like I said, our day was rainy, so it would be have been nice to be in the inside part of the restaurant.

The Beignets were delicious, but they really put too much powdered sugar on top. I know that is probably a signature topping, but you ended up having to brush most of it off and then on to your table, because the plates were just big enough to hold the beignets.

The coffee was pretty good and the service was quick. But, once they brought your beignets and you paid, you never saw them again. It was like take out, at your seat! This didn't work amazing for us because I decided to get a souvenir mug and then we had to try and find our server.

Our seat was right next to the chairs that are lined up for employee breaks. That was unfortunate as we felt like we were being watched by people who were bored and needed something to look at.

Overall, this was a fun experience, and something I would definitely recommend for all who visit NOLA. The beignets are delicious and the line moves pretty fast.
Cafe Du Monde
800 Decatur Street
New Orleans, Louisiana, 70116
(504) 525-4544


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