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The New England Aquarium is located right on the harbor next to the Marriott Long Wharf hotel. More precisely it's located at the Boston Waterfront. Here are also docks for tour boats or whale-watching tours. There is a parking garage nearby, but I recommend against it strongly, because parking is very expensive. For one day you pay $ 30 easily. I would recommend to park the car somewhere in an outer suburb and just walked a bit and save that 30 dollars! We have parked in Charlestown and took the ferry to the aquarium because the Pier is right near the entrance. Once you find yourself at the Long Wharf or Central Wharf, then you can't really miss the New England Aquarium.

After paying the entrance we enter the New England Aquarium and you get a stamp on the hand, so you can leave the Aquarium and re-enter it whenever you want during that day. After the entrance you have the opportunity to get a picture taking with the underwater world at the background. We didn’t do this because these pictures are always overpriced. Also at the entrance are the rest rooms located and there are lockers if you don’t want to wear your jackets and bags around.

Through a glass door then you enter the actual aquarium, located directly are the penguins. Here there is an artificial landscape rocks surrounded by water. Here are 80 penguins. The light here is insulated, the penguin island is illuminated, so you can watch the animals around the pen very well. The aquarium also offers opportunities to interact with the animals. For example, one can press a few buttons to get to listen to a few noises that the penguin makes and try to guess what that sound was produced by Penguin. That was very interesting because it partly but surprised how loud noise a little penguin can give. You can also view a penguin feeding, but at the time when we were there we were just too late. The aquarium is home to three species of penguins. The African penguin, the penguin Dwarf (the smallest penguin species) and the crested penguins.

The penguin enclosure surrounds the large water tank from the ground floor to the top floor. While going up or down - there are ramps, which are also suitable for disabled - can watch the animals swimming. Reproduced here is a Caribbean coral reef. While you can look to the side of the ramps, there are on the top floor of the possibility to look into the water. There is always an employee of the aquarium to answer questions from visitors. In addition to many species of fish in this tank are worth seeing, especially the green sea turtle and tiger sharks.
Who likes to rub shoulders with the animals this can be done in the Edge of the Sea touch tank. Here you can under the supervision of employees touch the various aquarium animals, such as touch crabs, lobsters and starfish. I personally think nothing of it, especially since it was very crowded and the animals have not had the opportunity to escape the many hands. On a positive note however you had to disinfect your hands, so that no bacteria gets into the water.

The Gulf of Maine is a series of basins, which deals with the creatures in the Gulf of Maine, so the area between Cape Cod and in Canada. You can watch the sea creatures that are active in the colder waters. These include, for example, lobster, cod, halibut, large starfish, etc.
Another attraction is the exhibition of Seadragon, which is the pipefish, which are related to the pipefish. Because they are well camouflaged, sometimes you need a little patience to discover them.

Overall, the New England Aquarium is not just big, we spent about a half hour in it. While there is much to see and you could spent more time here, but it was so crowded that you sometimes had to queue to see in a basin, which, of course dampens the fun a little. Nevertheless, the New England Aquarium is a very lovingly crafted and worth seeing the aquarium.

In the New England Aquarium you are allowed to bring his own food and drinks and also to eat there. There is also a café, which we have not visited.

The New England Aquarium in Boston is definitely worth a visit if you like aquariums like. It is no different from other great aquariums I've visited, but it is beautifully decorated and offers a wide variety of species. Still, it was quite small. Also, the large number of visitors has diminished the fun a little, as you often had to wait until you could look into a basin. Overall four stars.
New England Aquarium
Central Wharf
Boston, Massachusetts, 02110
(617) 973-5200

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