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The Inner Harbor Ferry is not a tour boat but a ferry boat, one of Boston's public transportation. The ferry does not tour, but connects two docks together. Since it is not a tourist attraction you don’t get any explanations from the speaker. Anyone who wants a harbor cruise with explanations should take a tourist boat tour. But if you simply want to enjoy just touring around the water and want to see the city and taking the ferry is perfect.

The Inner Harbor Ferry connects the district of Charlestown with the Long Wharf. Charles Town is the district in which ends of the Freedom Trail. There you can find the U.S.S. Constitution and the Bunker Hill Monument. If you walk along the Freedom Trail, the Inner Harbor Ferry is a great way to come back to downtown. So you do not go all the way back and has simultaneously makes a nice boat tour.

The pier is located in Charlestown Navy Yard. Since it is not a tourist attraction in the true sense, it is signposted. If you are at U.S.S. Constitution Museum, you have to just go around it and you can see the register to buy tickets for the ferry.

The price for a ride on the Inner Harbor Ferry is truly unbeatable. For the 10-minute ride, you pay only $ 1.70.

The departure times vary by day of week and season. Monday to Friday, the ferry runs every fifteen minutes between the piers namely from 6.30 to 20 clock. On weekends she runs only every half hour and during the time clock 10 to 18. Exact departure times can be read at the register.

The Inner Harbor Ferry is a small ferry with an open deck. Who does not want to sit on the upper deck can, of course, remain protected from the wind in the lower area of the boat. From there, you have obviously not such a nice view, so very few passengers to stay down. On the upper deck there are some wooden benches, so you can make yourself comfortable there and enjoy the ride.

Although it is not a tourist attraction in the true sense, there are a lot of tourists but we were also travelling on a weekend, I can imagine that at weekdays it looks different and the ferry is probably really used to bring people to work in another district.

During our time in Boston, we drove a total of three times with the ferry. After we found out that you can park in Charlestown much cheaper than downtown, where we set up the car and drove to the ferry to Long Wharf. From there we made our way to the Freedom Trail and went from this to the end. When we were back at the car, but it was still early, so we spontaneously once the ferry went over, went to the aquarium, and after visiting the Aquarium and the ferry back to the car drove. Three trips for a total of 3.60 EUR per person and each time it was nice to go over the water, instead of using the subway or bus.

Now for the ferry ride. After we bought the tickets, they were checked for our tickets when we went a board. We made ourselves comfortable on the upper deck and off we went. It leaves the whole inner harbor and thus sees the skyline of Boston. The distance to shore is just right, so you can really give a nice overview. We had close to 20 degrees and sunny as we sat down, because it can cold with the wind on the open deck. The boat travels at a good pace, so you can take photos while driving.

The ferry ride was really fun. The view from the upper deck is superb and the ferry staff was very nice. If you put no value on a guided boat tour, then this kind of Boston from the water is certainly the best to explore - but above all the best.

The Inner Harbor Ferry is a really good and inexpensive alternative to the tourist harbor cruises. Whom the information the tour guides are not so important and wants to just enjoy the skyline from the water, the ferry is perfect. From the upper deck you have a great view and it times we went on the ferry it was never really busy.
Inner Harbor Ferry

Boston, MA

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