Greek Salad is TO DIE FOR!!!

Member Rating 4 out of 5 by KAN121 on July 8, 2011

DEC 24 I was in Nassau, being touristy when i passed by Athena's. I had the pita bread & hummus? i dont know what it was but the greek salad still haunts my dreams. lol This salad was unlike ANYTHING that has ever been in my mouth, EVERRRRRR. lol i still try to re-create this salad on a weekly soon as i get paid i go to HEB and purchase the ingredients i believe were involved in this culinary masterpiece. GO TO ATHENAS, its pricey tourist food but it is amazing the salad come is S-M-Large $10-20=30, i believe.

Athena Cafe
Bay Street
Nassau, Bahamas, 33416

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