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I love see amazing sights and learning new things so what better way to combine my two passions than by visiting the museum. The Natural History museum is located a small walking distance from South Kensington Tube station. I have always found it easy to find as it is so big and has massive posters around the outside. There are also many other museums nearby so if you see these you know that you are heading in the right direction.

As mentioned the museum itself is huge, inside it houses a magnitude of natural artefacts, fossils and exhibitions related to the natural world. There are four ‘zones’ in the museum which are colour coded in the free map.

The red zone is where you can explore the planet and different artefacts from space. I really like this part of the museum as some of the artefacts such as the crystals are beautiful and really displayed well so that you get the full impact of them.

Next is the green zone where you can explore the skeletons and fossils of animals and plant life from around the world. This section is quite good, I don’t really like looking at some of the animals as they do get a bit boring but every now and then you really see something amazing so it is well worth going around this part of the museum.

The blue zone is my favourite section as it is home to two of my favourite archaeological marvels, the dinosaurs and the mammals. This section of the museum is spectacular and I personally believe should be left to last as it is by far the best part. However the queue for the dinosaurs is always really big so it is best to get there early. I think that it is worth the wait but others I know disagree.

The last zone is the orange zone holds the Darwin centre and the garden area. I don’t really like this part so never really go in there to be honest.

The museum is so big though that it is hard to go around it in one day if you look at most of the displays so doing over a few days would be best as it can get a bit overwhelming.

The museum is free to enter (you can leave and go in as you wish); the only parts that are paying are the exhibitions, the gift shop and the restaurants, cafés and snack bars. I think that the food and drink here are too expensive so I would say take your own, there are lots of parks to eat in around there.

There is disabled access, lots of toilets, a cloakroom and an education centre.

The museum opens everyday 10am until 5.30pm.
Natural History Museum
Cromwell Road
London, England, SW7 5BD
+44 20 7942 5000


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