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Member Rating 5 out of 5 by LAFRAGIA on July 6, 2011

So I took my group of 8 children ages from 7-15yo to Family Kingdon. I will say first entrance is free you only pay to park/ride/eat...etc. Next go for the all day wrist band. Any coupon book for Myrtle beach will have $3.00 off all day pass for up to 6 people (not bad.) If you have more than six in your group just bring an extra coupon. Next if you are planning to visit a water park, they have a 2park combo were you can visit them both at a discounted price (no coupon for that though.) You can do both the amusement park and water park the same day or one park one day and the other park another day. The Amusement park does not open until later in the evening Around 4pm. Parking is $5.00 or more and bring cash. There are ATM's with surcharges but cash is easier. We arrived not too long after opening so the kids got to get off/on the rides back to back with hardly any waiting. It didnt get crowded until dark 8:30pm-ish. Go Carts are not included in an all day pass ..just F.Y.I so tell the kids before arrival unless you want to pay more $$ for that.
Like mentioned before in another review it is big enough to have enough rides were you get your money worth but not too big were you would be afraid to split up. I do want to mention that you should buy food and drink at the vendors closer to the BIG rollercoaster their prices were more reasonable. If you buy your stuff at the vendors near the water log ride and the ride that takes you up and drops you, their prices are higher and quantities much smaller.
I did see some frustrated parents whos children were too small to ride alot of the rides but they needed tickets to ride with them. If you are not planning to ride with the children, there are height charts at every ticket booth that tells you what your child can ride on alone and how many tickets it requires for them to ride. You may do better buying 1-2 tickets for 3 rides vs paying for an all day pass and they can hardly ride anything. I just hate to see the ride attendant employees getting fussed at for something they cannot control.
Also I recently had a baby and now am in the ~plus size~ range until the weight comes off. I didnt have too much problems getting in the seat restraints but the pirate ship was a bit uncomfortable on my tummy. While waiting I did see several riders have to excuse themself from the Falleon ship ride and on Scrambler ride because of the restraints not securing. I did not try the roller coaster because I am a whimp..cant do that stuff.
I would also mention that the bumper cars there are SERIOUS bumper cars..They are not low intesity! One time was enough for me. The teens in my grouped loved them over and over again. All in all I will keep adding this to my Myrtle Beach Adventures and next time I will do the water park combo and that will be on day #2. I will say the rides are worth the money and had great power behind them ( alot of throwing up was going on from different people in the park.)
Family Kingdom Amusement Park
300 Fourth Avenue South
Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, 29577

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