Walk past, do not enter Beantown Pub

Member Rating 1 out of 5 by Muchmor on July 4, 2011

Whilst we walked around Boston we decided we needed to eat and came across this pub. The menu was posted outside and looked good with plenty of options, so in we went.

The notice at the entrance said wait to be seated and eventually we were. The table we had was very wonky and kept tilting so my husband had to keep his foot on the base to steady it.

After five minute a waitress came over and asked us what drink we wanted, she took our order and left. She then went to the bar and chatted with friends using all sorts of language and profanities which we though was wrong in this settling. Especially as there were children in the restaurant too.

We eventually got our drinks and placed our food order. We had to wait some time for our meal to arrive. My husband had ordered fish and chips and thought that they had actually gone out to sea to catch it! When the food arrived it looked okay, but that is where the good things ended. The fish was not fresh and my husband was very disappointed with it. The fries were also frozen. I had chicken parmesan but the chicken and sauce were tasteless and the spaghetti was slimy and again tasteless and seemed reminiscent of the stuff that comes out of a can.

The worst meal either of us has had in a long time and certainly not worthy of a tip for quality of food or service. Big thumbs down.

Beantown Pub
100 Tremont Street
Boston, Massachusetts, 02108


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