Passover For This Hotel

Member Rating 1 out of 5 by CarolinaPanthers1983 on June 29, 2011

I took my family to Ocean Dunes Hotels in Myrtle Beach, SC. We were expecting to be at a relaxing hotel that was inexpensive; however, it was not the case. Here are my pros (very few pros) and cons of our stay at this hotel.
I would say the best feature of staying at this hotel was the ocean view from the hotel. When my family and me arrived at our rooms, we were surprised at the spectacular views of the ocean from our rooms. I opened the balcony door, and instantly, a refreshing ocean breeze came though the rooms. The ocean was very refreshing after a long drive from North Carolina to South Carolina. The balcony overlooked to the ocean, which the sound of the sound made sleeping easy.
Even though the oceanview wqas amazing, many issues occured the moment I entered this hotel with my family.
Service- This important aspect would set the tone for my stay. Unfortunately, this hotle failed at the department. When I checked in, I was greeted by a rude hotel staff member. I did not have the ticket that I had to reserver the rooms, yet he told that I needed them. Because I did not have my tickets, he asked for my identification, so I shown them to him. Even though my wife's name was on the rooms. He did not want to give the keys to me, even though my last name was attached with my wife's name on his computer. Then he changed his mind and gave me the rooms keys.
Rooms- I took my family to the rooms, but when we arrived at our rooms, we were given rooms that were not non-smoking (which we requested). My wife was extremely furious. We went back down to change our rooms to non-smoking. We tried to talk to the guy who gave us the room; however, the line was long. We went to a woman staff member to help us change rooms because we did not want our children in a room the smelled like cigarettes. The woman did her best to give us rooms that were non-smoking, and we received a room . Even though we receive non-smoking rooms, the entire hotel smelled of cigarettes with a hint mildew (Yuck!). I was hoping that my nose would fall off, so I would not have to deal with the awful smell. Once I smelled that, I felt that I was surrounded with an aura of dirtiness. What's worse was that my mother-in-law who was staying in the non-smoking room with my children found dirty pillows covers that were looked like it was not cleaned for days.
Until new management changes the entire mental state of this hotel, I shall never waste another dime on this hotel in Myrtly Beach, SC. If you are reading this, please listen to me and avoid this place. You will save money, and Myrtely Beach has many hotels that are worth staying while on vacation.
Ocean Dunes Resort And Villas
201 75th Avenue North
Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, 29572
(888) 999-8920

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