Absolutely Beautiful!

Member Rating 5 out of 5 by Cindy Grant on June 27, 2011

What a bummer - this was the last night of the trip! But we were thankful that it was at a hotel as beautiful as Airth Castle. We shared the hotel with a wedding party, and they must have thought we were crazy since we were having our costume party!
Airth Castle is located just outside the town of Airth, not too far from Edinburgh. There is a newer hotel, complete with a spa, and the older hotel, which is a beautiful castle (one member of our group got to stay in the castle because of a mix up with her room!). The grounds are extensive and beautifully manicured. They even have a small cemetery, which they had to keep telling some members of our group to stay out of! There is free wifi in the rooms, and the room was more than big enough. There is a restaurant with a piano bar, and a large lounge with a bar. This was a beautiful hotel, and the staff was wonderful.
So we had our last group dinner (which was great), and moved to another room upstairs for our party. We played games, had some drinks, and had a wonderful time! Exchanging email addresses before going to bed was important - we all want to keep in touch so we can help plan the next Ghostour - to Ireland in 2013! Stay tuned for another action packed Tours and Events tour!
Airth Castle Hotel
Airth Stirlingshire
Airth, Scotland


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