Giddy in Paris!

Member Rating 5 out of 5 by Vanilla Sugar on June 26, 2011

Giddy! I felt giddy in Paris and it was not caused by the flute of champagne I drank the top of the Eiffel Tower. My giddiness came over me simply because I was in Paris!!
From Geneva to Paris, the train trip takes a short three hours. One of my friends at the office commutes each Monday and Friday between the two cities. Others go there often to visit family. So Paris to them is no big deal. For me - Patty from Pennsylvania, a weekend in Paris is a big deal.
Rick Steves’ book Pocket Paris says the Eiffel Tower is "crowed and expensive." It is true! And, he says that making the trip "gives you membership in the exclusive society of a quarter billion other humans who have made the Eiffel Tower the most visited monument in the modern world." I gladly accept membership.

Without an advance reservation for an entry time, I stood in an orderly line that snaked around to the entrance. Occasionally, a street vendor pestered me to buy a little Eiffel Tower model. I resisted and kept them away with a shake of my head. I welcomed the vendor selling cold water. "Thank you very much, Monsieur. Combien?" Price did not matter, I was thirsty and in line.

Time passed quickly in line because I found that the view of this global icon can be appreciated from the ground looking up through the iron lattice work. Of course, this did not match the view of Paris from the top observation platform. I celebrated my assent to the top splurging with a 10€ plastic flute of Champagne.

Eiffel Tower
Champ De Mars
Paris, 75007

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