We will definitely NOT go back

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We would like to inform everyone that we are very well travelled: Belgium, France, Netherlands, Germany, Switzerland, Czech Republic, Italy, Austria, Spain, Thailand, Cambodia, Maldives, Greece, Dominican Republic, Venezuela, Cuba, Jamaica, Aruba, St. Martins and Grenada.
Now the report. We are in our forties and travelled with our 2 teenage children.
This is an "All Inclusive" hotel boasting several restaurants and bars.
You have a 2 hour transfer from the airport. This is well organized as is the arrival at the hotel. Our luggage was delivered to our room without any complications.
If you have any problems with walking, do not go here - it is not wheelchair friendly and there are lots of stairs and hills! We did not mind this, except you definitely cannot get dressed up for the evening (ladies) with any kind of heels.
No irons
No kleenex
No conditioner
No cream
Soap is not refilled many days.
They seem to have a problem with towels - we were only given 3 regular size towels each day - no facecloths, no hand towels, no bathmat.
The rooms were very unclean - sinks were never cleaned. After 2 days we put a dab of mascara on the sink to see if it would be cleaned - it was still there on our 7th day! Showers were ok. Toilets were very dirty and hardwater stained to a dark gray.
Airconditioner was on the noise level of a lawnmower. Once you were used to it, it was ok. It helped drown out the loud noise level of neighboring rooms and outside. The rooms really echoed and had no sound barriers so you constantly heard the people above and beside your room.
We had an ocean front and our boys had ocean view rooms. I would not recommend paying extra for an ocean front. It is not really on the ocean front and the view from the ocean view rooms was as good if not better!
We did not find the food appetizing, even the A La Carte restaurants were tasteless. Of course, it is not uncommon that resort food is bland to unappetizing.
The evening shows were in Spanish only. We speak spanish, so this was not a problem for us, but we felt it was thoughtless. Most all inclusive hotels try to accomodate the different languages of their visitors.
Majority of staff speak spanish only, but there are a few peppered throughout who speak english as well to help the english only tourists (when they have time). There were a few really good staff, but the majority were EXTREMELY unfriendly and not courteous. One bartender refused to serve us because he was watching the soccer game. We complained to guest services and she took care of it promptly.
The hotel itself is a huge money rip-off. Be very careful and make sure you take US dollars with you. Do not assume you can change money.
Their exchange rate was US$ 0.65 cents for one Canadian dollar. (the bank exchange at home was US$ 0.98 cents for one Canadian dollar.)
An advance on your credit card will cost you 10% hotel service fee.
The bank machines (one in the casino and one at the entrance) were always empty (probably they were just for show).
Several times the front desk had no money neither.
If you loose your all inclusive band, it costs US$15.00
If you loose your safe key it costs US$80.00
If you loose your room key it costs US$35.00
If you want a second key, you must leave a cash deposit of US$15.00
If you want a safe key, you must leave a cash deposit of US$35.00
If you loose your towel card if will cost US$20.00
Internet US$15.00 for 24 hours (own computer - only one wi-fi device at a time, not phone and computer)
and so on.....
The disco is really fabulous if you like clubs. Lots of people and energy. Weekends is a little too full and getting a drink at any point in time is a challenge. Generally he who screams the loudest wins.
Non-motorized watersports are included in your stay, however the catamaran was broken while we were there. Excursions are extra and expensive.
Security staff is everywhere. They were at times quite rude and unfriendly. When you ask staff for their name the get even angrier and aggressive.
The beauty of travel is that you don' t have to go back and we definitely will not be going back to this hotel.
Royal Decameron
115 Kilometros A Panama
Panama Canal, Panama, 507


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