The quality is very good

Member Rating 4 out of 5 by Zhebiton on June 21, 2011

The hotel consists of several buildings that include the hotel, apartments, suites and apartments.
We had a number of premium (308), with its own terrace. But after the first night, we changed the standard. The fact is that just below us is a bar, which worked until three o'clock in the morning, sleep is impossible. So we asked to higher and overpowered us on the 11th floor.

Hotel services at a level worthy breakfast. The room has everything, down to the ironing board with iron. Mini-bar was breaking from the proposed beverages. Prices naturally kus kus-(bank "Heineken" 0,33 l - 35 dirhams for the ruble, multiply by 7.7 and Pepsi - 18 dirhams).
On site are two swimming pools, the first depth of 1.55m, 1.80m second. The second pool must pass through the club of the hotel and very beautiful, green area. Swimming in the pool or sunbathing on a lounger not notice that you're practically in the heart of the metropolis.
Besides, the hotel has 4 restaurants (with the Lebanese, Indian, Latin cuisine) restaurant where breakfast and the evening themed dinner (250 dirhams) and the above mentioned bar, quite popular in Dubai, which has a large selection of draft beer.
In the opposite wing of the main entrance is a supermarket, exchange office and two cafes. In one of the few times we dined. The quality is good, prices are democratic (large pizza margarita - 31 dirhams).
Because our hotel is located in close proximity to Burj Dubai and Khalifa mall, we went several times to show the fountains (enchanting), rose twice to the observation deck at 124 Khalifa floor (tickets purchased in advance for 100 dirhams), and just strolling through the galleries the world's largest mall.
Al Murooj Rotana Hotel
Trade Centre 2
Dubai, United Arab Emirates

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