The Assembly Hall

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This building is one of the older buildings in the Square and in my view also one of the most attractive in the Square. It looks a bit like a traditional English Church but with 24 extra spires all around the roof line. It also has lovely stained glass windows like a traditional church too. This rather attractive building was constructed between 1877 and 1882 so it was begun before the Temple was finished according to my calculations soothe pioneers didn’t waste any time with their constructions. Although this building was constructed using the same stone as The Temple is looks quite different as this building has stones more roughly carved while the temple has very straight smooth lines. In my personal opinion this one is the more attractive externally.

This Assembly hall was constructed on the site of the original Tabernacle building which was a fairly basic building and not considered good enough for performances. The old tabernacle building was built in 1852 and seated 2500 it was razed to the ground in 1877 the same year as this new Assembly Building was begun.

Inside you can attend free concerts on some weekends and indeed when we visited their was a pianist and a cello player practising so it was very restful to sit in the seats listening to music whilst looking around the inside of the building at the decorations and the huge 3,489 pipe organ which was installed in the 1980s. At this time the acoustics in the building were also enhanced by installing hundreds of small speakers. I thought it was quite interesting that the decorations above the doors were carved ‘stars of David’ which I normally associate with the Jewish religion, I didn’t ask any of the young guides so I am still in the dark about the history of this in the Mormon faith.

As we came out of this comfortable and dry free concert we were greeted by more rain but luckily a couple of ‘sister missionaries’ caught us as we leaving and one of them lent us her large brolly. She insisted on us borrowing it and told us just to leave it at any of the desks in Temple square which was very sweet of her. After a bit of a chat about where we were from and where they were from they both went off sharing one brolly while we moved on to the Tabernacle just across the garden from the assembly Hall.

This was a lovely old building and being able to hear the people practising their music was very special.
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