It was actually a little depressing

Member Rating 2 out of 5 by bledpub on June 8, 2011

When my son saw the little rides at Broadway at the Beach he got excited. I did not. Every time we go to a fair he always works himself up about riding things and then psyche himself out once he gets on them. This time was no exception.

So, there are a few rides for young children. The problem was that since it was the off-season the workers could care less about tending to them. We waited 15 minutes for someone to come and let him on the carousel. Of course, you have to buy tickets so there we were, a handful of tickets, and nothing to ride. Eventually, someone came over and let him on and he was pretty excited about that. In fact, he rode it twice.

It was kind of sad, though, because we were the only ones on it. We were actually the only people in the rides area and that was a little depressing. I think he felt that, too.

He then wanted to ride the little cars that just go around and around but after getting on one for about 2 minutes he was ready to get off. With the lack of people, the lack of enthusiasm, and the grating music it was all just a little surreal. Maybe it’s better in the summer when there are more kids.

At any rate, it was fun riding the carousel with him so that was a bonus. We had extra tickets and tried to give them away but couldn’t.
Broadway at the Beach
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