Get set for a jerky ride

Member Rating 4 out of 5 by Muchmor on June 7, 2011

In Niagara Falls you will find Ripley's Moving Theatre. This is also part of the triple Ripley's ticket you can buy for about $30 which includes the waxworks museum and Believe it or Not.

When you enter you go into a holding room which has lots of warning signs up saying if you suffer from motion sickness, have back or neck problems are pregnant etc you should not get on this ride. Ignoring all these our party of four continued into the ride.

We were given 3D glasses as we entered a large theatre room with big seats. The seats start slightly tilted to one side and you sit in them and put on the seat belt. The seat is quite hard and it wraps around your upper body and has a handle either side near your knees to hold onto. Staff come round to check that everyone is strapped in correctly and to make sure no one wants to back out. The staff member explained that the movie would be quite jerky and to hold on tight.

The first movie was based on a ride through the snow with lots of leaps and jumps. It was very good and you feel very much part of the action. The 3D is pretty good and the movements very real. When the first movie finished the lights brightened and the staff member asked if everyone was okay. He told us the next film would be more violent with its movements and if anyone wanted to leave now they could. One woman decided to go, but her husband stayed.

The second film was a skateboard type film with you having to go round and through obstacles and it was more jerky etc than the first. I preferred the first, but only because of the topic matter.

I really enjoyed the ride as did my companions.
Ripley's Moving Theater
4915 Clifton Hill
Niagara Falls, Ontario
905 356 2261

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