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During our trip to the USA, we have also spent a few days in New York. There we also went to the Staten Island Ferry.

The Staten Island Ferry has nothing to do with the boat tours, but it’s a ferry that connects the southern tip of Manhattan to the Staten Island. Staten Island is 22 kilometres long and 12 kilometres wide, the smallest district of New York. There are about 400 000 inhabitants, what sounds not a lot, but for New York standards is just a small district. Because there are few sights the ‘New Yorkers’ sees the part as the ‘Forgotten suburb’. There is a nearly 1.3-kilometer bridge between Brooklyn and Staten Island, but it is no bridge to Manhattan. And here comes the ferry into sight as the Staten Island Ferry replaces the nonexistent bridge. At a distance of 5 miles, or about 8 kilometres it just makes sense to use a ferry than to build a bridge. Within 20 minutes you can take the ferry and it’’s absolutely free. Daily use about 60 000 passengers in the ferry, which are about 20 million passengers a year. The New Yorkers use the ferry to get to work, but also many tourists have now discovered that the ferry can be a free alternative to a tourist boat. Because of the ferry, you have a great view of the Manhattan skyline, the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island, located on the opposite Governor's Island Iceland and on the bridge that connects Staten Island with Brooklyn.

The Staten Island Ferry has two ports. One in Manhattan and on Staten Iceland. The pier is located in Manhattan in Battery Park, this is named after the gun range, was defended in the earlier hours of the port. Here lay off the more ships sailing to the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island. The pier for the Staten Island Ferry is located in the south of the Battery Park Ferry Terminal, which is in turn at the end of Whitehall Street. The metro line 1, you can go directly to the ferry terminal by getting off at the South Ferry terminus. If you want to go a few minutes walk, you can also take the line R to Whitehall Street. From there you are at the terminal within 10 minutes. The ferry terminal has a large waiting room, in which there are also public toilets. As the ferries run regularly but, never have to wait long. The second pier is on Staten Island and specifically at the St. George station. There, too, there is a waiting hall. Several buses leave from the dock into the interior of Staten Island.

The ferry runs every day around the clock. From 6 to 1:30 clock it runs every 30 minutes. During rush hour, so during the week, when the commuters traveling to work or on the way home, she travels occasionally even in the 20 - or 15-minute intervals. At night she runs only hourly. Overall, one can say that the ferry has very good departure times. In that at peak times several boats are in use, you must never wait long.

The Staten Island Ferry is a typical ferry boat. It's completely orange, as you can see from the photos, and is not necessarily pretty, but it does not have to be yes, because anyway you look at the skyline and the Statue of Liberty but not on the boat.

After our ferry has arrived once poured out a lot of people, we were allowed to board the ship. This is a larger ferry with several decks. In the lower deck you can sit on wooden benches in the warm and even drink a coffee or something else for there are opportunities to buy snacks and drinks, which we have not done so I can say nothing about the prices. Even toilets are there if you go during the journey.

Most of the passengers crowded to the open deck, because only here you have great views. We are placed in the back of the ship. So we went back and could see Manhattan is slowly reduced. If you are in front, you see Staten Island coming towards you but the view of Manhattan is already rewarding. Of course you can also place the side, what we did on the way back.

Once the ferry has passed, you get to see something directly. It has a really nice view of Manhattan and it is also relatively close past the Statue of Liberty. We decided to see the Statue of Liberty from a distance, just from the ferry. The ride lasts even 20 to 25 minutes.

After our arrival, we wanted to stay on the ferry and head straight back, but you have to get out and stand in line again. Since not much was going on - it was a Wednesday afternoon - we came in the same boat back in and could go back without waiting. The trip was very nice. If the weather still been a bit clearer and the sky is not so gray and overcast, they would certainly be able to have better vision, but even with the cloudy weather, you get plenty to see and because the fare is nothing you have to annoy not when the sky is gray. The

The Staten Island Ferry is a free and excellent alternative to tourist boat tours. Whom it is enough to see the Statue of Liberty. The crossing from 20 to 25 minutes each way is fun, because you have a great view of Manhattan, the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island as the whole and costs nothing, saves you also have a lot of money. For me there is nothing negative and therefore there is a perfect score and a recommendation for the Staten Island Ferry.
Staten Island Ferry
Whitehall Ferry Terminal
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