Cave of the Winds - up close and personal

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The Cave of the Winds is an attraction on the New York side of Niagara Falls and is one of the best things to do as you really get to experience the falls up close and personal.

When you enter the attraction you are given a yellow rain coat and sandals which you have to wear. You also get a plastic bag to put your own shoes in. You have to get into an elevator which takes you 175 ft into the gorge. Then you follow a boardwalk which takes you alongside the Bridal Falls.

This area is a seagull nesting site and there are literally thousands of gulls on the cliffside. There is definitely a smell accompanying them, but after a few minutes you no longer notice it. At the time we were there (end May) there were hundreds of gulls sitting on nests, some with eggs and many with babies at various stages of growth. They were really cute and at one point a goose landed close to several nests and although it was not bothering the gulls, they went into meltdown and were screaming and pecking the goose to get it away from their nests.

Once you get past the gull area you start to ascend the boardwalk and now you are literally under the falls. The noise is tremendous and depending on the wind the spray from the water will get you wet. You will also see rainbows.

Keep going and you get closer to the falls and then reach the Hurricane Deck where you can stand directly under the water and this is where you will get drenched, really drenched. You can avoid the full force of the water by staying to the front of the platform, but you will still get pretty wet, so make sure you have your rain gear on tightly. If you go under the water hold your hood on as the water can force it off your head resulting in a very bad hair day!

You can stay on the boardwalk as long as you like so you can really get your money’s worth. It is a great way to really experience the full force of the falls like no other attraction in the area either on the USA or Canada side. If you buy the Discovery pass is is included in the price of $33 for 5 attractions. If you do this attraction alone it costs $11 per adult. Totally worth it.
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