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If this were to be found in Canada or America, it would be called the Arndale Mall because we call them shopping malls, but quite often in the U.K. they're referred to as shopping "centres". The Arndale was built in the 1970s but suffered some damage at the hends of the IRA bomb that went off in central Manchester in the mid 1990s. After that, there was a lot of reconstruction in the city centre and the Arndale was renovated and spruced up considerably. It's had even more modernization in the 21st century and is now a gleaming, modern shopping centre with over 240 shops and services.

The mall is really nice with a wide variety of shops and food kiosks. There are touch screen maps in many intersections though we did find them a bit confusing for direction. There's a large parking garage attached, accessible off the Withy Grove/Shudehill side. One side of the outside is pedestrian only and there are bus and tram connections very nearby. The Arndale is near the large new Marks and Spencers (connected by a walkway), Selfridges, Debenham's, the Printworks complex as well as the old quarter with the Cathedral and the oldest pubs in the city. It's close to the main road of Deansgate and St. Anne's Square with the Royal Exchange Theatre and the Barton Arcade shopping as well.

The city centre of Manchester is busy but has a lot of great shopping options all within walking distance of the Arndale.
Arndale Centre
Market Street
Manchester, England, M4 3AQ
+44 161 833 9851

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