Loro Park (Loro Parque)

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During our holiday in Tenerife we have visited the famous animal park, Loro Parque.

Literally translated Loro Parque is simply parrot park and reveals the original focus of the zoo. Meanwhile it’s much more than a parrot park, namely a large zoo with many animals and shows. It holds numerous world records for the breeding and protection of endangered species, was awarded the Loro Parque by the UNESCO.

The Loro Parque is located in the famous and popular resort of Puerto de la Cruz in north Tenerife. Coming by car you will have no problem finding the zoo for it’s well signposted. From many resorts, there are also free buses that go to the Loro Parque. There is also the very extensive bus network. As the park is very busy, it is advisable to arrive early. We arrived at about noon.

The Loro Parque has a large parking lot where you can park all day for a few euros. This was full when we arrived. We were waved to a private parking lot were the owners ask 10 euro per day. This is really very much but you don’t really have a choice. I recommend to either arrive early enough to still get an official place. Or you can park in the center of Puerto de la Cruz, using the free shuttle service, a small train, which departs daily from 9 to 18:45 clock every 20 minutes from the Plaza Reyes Católicos.

Adults pay 31 euros, children (6-11 years) pay 20 €. Children 0 to 5 years have free admission while, but children pay over 12 years as the full price, I find outrageous. After all all shows are included in the ticket, so at least there are no hidden costs.

You can pay in cash but also with card. Depending on when you arrive you have to expect a long time to queue at the checkout. We were unlucky, because just a great coach arrived at the same time with us and we stood at about 15 minutes although we were there on a weekday, on weekends it must still be full.

Entering at last the Loro Parque, one has only once on a large square. There is a souvenir shop, toilets and information kiosks. As the number of visitors was so great, you could see the line at the toilets from afar. It is recommended to use one of the other toilets. Way around the park is not a problem, as everything is well signposted and you also receives a map from the park with all the show times.

A bridge leads into the park itself and from which one can admire the koi carp and emus. Of course the crowds were large and many families with strollers were on the road, but so completely understand why it was so crowded we could not. Only when we left the bridge behind us, we discovered the reason. Here is a photo station by each visitor must pass through. As is common in many parks, you will be photographed with an animal and the image can then buy at the end for 6 euro. In our case there were parrots, later, when we still did a lap, there were other birds.

After you crossed the bridge you get at the gorillas. The enclosure is spacious and you can see the great apes through a window. Unfortunately here the crowd was very large, so you only had to wait a while before we saw something. I also found it impossible for many people knocking on the windows with their cameras or caused a veritable flurry of flashbulbs. So we went right here on quickly, because I did not want me to squeeze with the other visitors.

Behind the gorillas awaiting the first highlight of the park. It is the largest artificial Penguinarium of the world with the also the world's largest handmade iceberg. Here the endangered Humboldt penguins live in about 600 cubic meters of fresh sea water. But the planet also houses Penguin Puffin, which are well seen in the few zoos. The special feature of the system is that here the natural living conditions of penguins are imitated. More than 200 Antarctic penguins live on a big snowy cliffs and under the same conditions as in the Antarctic.

That is, when it is dark in the Antarctic, it is also dark. Light enough still, as that visitors see something, but yet close to reality. Once we entered the Penguinarium, we were surprised about a conveyor belt that moves slowly down the 17-meter-long glass. It is just on the tape and once drove around the pelvis. If you don’t use the tape, but goes on foot, although you can see many information boards at the edge, but nothing from animals. So were we too sometimes feel like on an assembly line, crowded with other visitors. The pace of the band and the idea in itself is not bad, for so many people see as something without coming too close or having to crowd in front.

It continues past various types of small monkeys and chimpanzees as well as the cockatoos to the Ara jungle. This very nicely built houses the jungle macaws and parrots in the park. The animals are always housed in pairs. It's amazing how many different and colorful species there are. Thought it was nice to have lost fewer visitors here now and you could sometimes enjoy a little peace and quiet.

Leaving the jungle again is through a cactus garden to the meerkats and from there, past the flamingos to the alligators. The alligators were remarkably active and swam about in their pool. They came very close to the glass, so that they could look up close. So far I did not even alligators from such a close and it's really impressive. Right at the alligators, there is the very remarkable Orquidario in which one finds more than one thousand orchids. Is it worth going very well and in any case. Continuing along the road you get to the Jaguars. Behind it is the entrance to the Children's country about which I have not much to say because I have not visited it because I'm finally no children. Here have to feel is a large adventure playground and a roller coaster.

Behind the turtles is the Tiger Island, where the crowd was very large and you got to see relatively little. Then you get to the dolphins and killer whales. The aquarium was very well attended, almost a little too full, but well worth seeing. In particular, the shark tunnel is already exciting. Finally, swims not an everyday occurrence, a shark around over his head. Unfortunately, many visitors were also ruthless, and have scared the animals with their flashes.

Included in admission, all five shows. The first show went like was the dolphin show. It takes five times daily. 1800 people in the stands shall have a space and a sun umbrella for shade. The show itself was really impressive. Dolphins are remarkable animals and have very intelligent. The art pieces that she made were just great. The basin is the biggest dolphin pools in Europe and that the animals feel at home shows, among other things, that there were already five times coming.

After the dolphin show was over, we left the grandstand on the same way we had come in, and came within one minute to the back entrance of the Orca show. Four times daily found in the Orca system a show instead of four whales. Generally, I am critical of killer whales in captivity, because I think that all the space they were not simply offers may be sufficient. The show was interesting, though not as spectacular, but entertaining anyway.

The Loro Parque is definitely worth a visit. Here the animals are humanely kept in attractive enclosures and everything is laid out very carefully. There are crazy enough to do, you should bring a lot of time it took us 7 hours and would also stay there longer, the park would not close. The shows are mostly very entertaining and worth watching and one can already enjoy a beautiful day. Disturbed me that prices for entry, but also in the restaurant were so extremely high and that it was so full part. I also find it unfortunate that we the visitors who ignore the advice not to take pictures with flash, does not prevent, because often personnel stood by, but has not said anything. Therefore, I awarded four stars and a recommendation.
Loro Park (Loro Parque-Parrot Park)
Puerto De La Cruz
Tenerife, Canary Islands, Spain


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