They have Galapagos travel mastered!

Member Rating 5 out of 5 by JRailRoad on May 24, 2011

Had the chance to travel with Adventure Life to the Galapagos this past September. I'll get right to the point -- am totally impressed with this company. After a few conversations with Kassandra in the office, I opted for a land trip, rather than a cruise (motion sickness is a real issue for me). A great trip -- would have loved one extra day on Isabela island. It started a little rough; I had a flight delay out of the states; had to call Adventure Life at 3:30 am to let them know the change. There response -- no problem. Took care of calling my hotel, guide... letting them know my late arrival, changed flights to the islands... all in all saving me a ton of headache. This type of easy-free travel is the whole reason I booked with a us agent in the first place, and they definitely came through. Have no problem giving a great review of Adventure Life. Already planning to use them this summer for a trip to Peru. Big thanks to AL.
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