Moulin Rouge

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For many, France - the birthplace of "Emmanuelle," a kiss with tongue and various fancy entertainment. So if you come for romance and erotic experience, it definitely will not be bored.

Go to the Boulevard de Clichy - there is neither a house, a sex shop with hundreds of trendy toys or strip club, where in addition to private-dance you can order any service. Before the war there were popular brothels in the 19 century - salons known throughout the literary coterie of courtesans.

But the main attraction of the boulevard - the legendary cabaret "Moulin Rouge", where Toulouse-Lautrec painted seductive legs from nature. Now there can and can draw, but the pictures can not even be in the toilet. Smoking is also impossible, and there is no corruption. Reserve a table is easiest on the internet, log on to view is 80-90, with dinner 150-180 euros.
Moulin Rouge
82, Boulevard De Clichy
Paris, 75018
+33 (1) 53 09 82 82

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