One of the most beautiful fountains of Rome.

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A huge sculpture-aqueous composition, which is let small but square. One of the most beautiful fountains of Rome. Grants wishes. 100% guarantee.

Fountains - one of the symbols of Rome, the Italian capital wherewith rich as any other city in the world. The famous Trevi Fountain, one of the most beautiful in Rome - not just a statue in a bowl, and the whole sculpture-aqueous composition, which has let a small, but the area. In the center of a small lake with emerald water in a stone frame - a majestic Neptune on a chariot in the form of a huge sea shell gives guidance seahorses and streams, and scenery for this play stands prkrasnogo facade of the palace in the baroque style - the Palazzo Poli.

Trevi is especially beautiful in the late evening and at night when a crowd of tourists had already resorbed, and the water is beautifully illuminated light bulbs. Once there is a sense of fabulousness is happening, and inevitably begin to believe in the beautiful legend of the three coins and magical abilities of the fountain.

For those who do not know: if in the Trevi Fountain to throw one coin, you will be back in Rome, the second coin will help you get acquainted with the Italian, while the third ensures ambulance wedding. During the night, of course, all the metal slices yield poor and drink to your health grappa, and the story will melt in the early morning fog, but you never know - suddenly, take and make a wish come true?
Trevi Fountain
Piazza di Trevi
Rome, Italy, 00187

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