the most fabulous house

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Pedrera (1905-1910), better known in Barcelona under the name "La Pedrera" - "Quarry" - the most fabulous of houses of the Catalan capital, and possibly the world. The house looks like a concrete wave, engulfing the sidewalk, a wild rock, which grows in the middle of the street.

Gaudí said that the fantastic "form of the house echoed with the contours of the mountains surrounding Barcelona that are visible from the roof of the house." A Salvador Dali once said that the building looks like a crumpled storm waves.

Inside the house makes a much more impressive, especially the patio and a loft, where a museum of Gaudi.
Upper floor busy exhibition devoted to the life and architecture of Gaudi, with an abundance of designs and models to illustrate the constructive imagination, which normally do not pay attention to the tourists, keen eye-catching facades.

One of the attractions is the roof of the house with the pipes, like fantastic creatures.
Casa Mila (La Pedrera de Gaudi)
Passeig De Gracia, 92
Barcelona, Spain, 08007
34644 291 481

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