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The pride of the residents of Budapest, the largest thermal bath in Europe - with 11 thermal pool and three saunas. Looks fantastic: the open air and dazzling sun, next to buildings in the palace-style cast round pools azure waters, and in them, surrounded by flowers and bowls of snow-white statues, improves health, rejuvenate and prettier exhausted civilization chronically tired people. Sz├ęchenyi baths erected per rich foreigners, and the calculation is fully justified.

In the baths you can see the sign: the elderly is not recommended in hot water for more than 20 minutes. However, none of the retirees are not honors this rule is not the slightest attention. Mature couples immersed in "molodyaschuyu" the water, mount on the surface of the foam "table" with oilcloth, and a day "cut" in chess.

In addition to the thermal pools, saunas, steam rooms and salt baths at this urban resort you can take mud baths. But the main "feature" section - open pools, where hot water comes from a depth of 1240 meters. They can swim even in winter! The water temperature in the large pool +27 C, while in "hot" pool - 38 C.

Hours: Swimming pool and sauna are working from 6.00 to 22.00, thermal pools - to 21.00 .. Price: Swimming pool - 2620-3650 HUF (depending on length of stay and day of week). A ticket to the baths costs about the same. Thermal Waters - 1500 HUF for a day of massage - 2000-3800 HUF (15-30 min.) Prices down a bit after 17.00.
Szechenyi Medicinal Bath (Szechenyi-gyogyfurdo)
Allatkerti Korut, 11
Budapest, Hungary, 1146
36 1 321 0310

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