The mystery surrounding Stonehenge...

Member Rating 4 out of 5 by lavenderdays on May 5, 2011

Before I went on this lovely day trip to Stonehenge and the nearby down of Salisbury, I was told that Stonehenge is either really cool or really boring.

We only spent about an hour there (all the time you need) and I found it fascinating. Sure, they don’t really know how those stones got there or WHY they are there but I like the mystery surrounding it. All we do know is they were placed there around 2500 BC and it seems quite extraordinary that man, without the help of modern machinery, was able to situate those stones in the way that they are. One tip... don't skimp and miss out on the audio guide because it's pretty entertaining!

Our awesome tour guide shared his theory on the whole matter and he’s pretty certain it was the work of fairies.

So let’s just go with that.
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