Giardino di Boboli

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If you're happy decided to look into the Palazzo Pitti in the morning, do not forget after dinner stroll in the Boboli gardens, which served as a model for the creation of Versailles. Sometime in the alleys of the garden the Duke and his courtiers played hide and seek and catch birds. In the pond grown fish that were served to the table. Everywhere seething life. From the life of the trees, fountains and statues. Neptune with a trident. Statue of "Abundance". Actually, it was conceived as John of Austria, wife of Francesco I. But he loved another woman, and John was abandoned. And in life, and in the stone. For a long time lain in a drawer, a statue in the end she saw the light, but as an allegorical figure. "

In the courtyard of the Palazzo Pitti held tournaments, and wedding celebrations. Top actors and artists of that time argued for the right to create costumes and scenery celebrations. Once the mechanics at the yard of the boards was knocked makeshift pool. As he poured the water and made a "sea" in the manner of presentation of the show from the Roman Colloseo where gladiators, though they fought for real.

If the search is strongly in the same court can find relief a donkey. Unfortunate animal's nice to work for the construction of the palace and izdohlo from work. There are plenty of monuments of donkeys in a figurative sense. But so that the monument has got an ass-natural - a rarity ...

Once in the Boboli gardens located city zoo. Lions, symbols of the Republic, the Florentines initially held at the city's main square near the Palazzo Vecchio. Stone Florentine lion, "Il Marzocco", and now it sits on its pedestal, holding in its claws a shield with the Ducal Florentine lily. But later the Lions moved to the Palazzo Pitti. An eyewitness described how the Duke and his entourage from the edge of a specially dug pits observed on the occasion down the battle of predators. Pounded lions back in their "flat" tricky machine as a huge green dragon on wheels. Inside was driving the car a man in his hands he held two burning torches - Eye Dragon. " "From such a horror of the world's worst rogue popryachetsya into his hole," - wrote an eyewitness.

In 1488 the Egyptian sultan gave Florence a giraffe. Long-necked animal became a favorite of the townspeople. People every day, ran to look, with a tenderness and grace of a giraffe takes the apples from the hands of small children. With the onset of winter, the Florentines were burning huge bonfires to warm the animal. To their great regret giraffe gave ends next year.
Boboli Gardens (Giardini di Boboli)
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