Palazzo Pitti

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If in a crowded Uffizi paintings hung on the ages, schools and artists, in the Palazzo Pitti, another great art gallery in Florence, less known to the general public (the Japanese are big fans of tours "All city attractions in one day, there is banal no time) paintings hang just for beauty. " The thoughtful hostess (and maybe - the owner) a few hundred years ago, gave orders to his servants to place "this titsianchika to rafaelchiku out that" since all have since remained. Masterpieces of world art as decoration, not all are understood. And for me - at the time.

Graf, princes, cardinals are looking at us from the portraits. But both in their number in the Palace of Grand Duke came Oliver Cromwell? .. It turns out to blame a letter to the Protector's dad to stop the persecution of the Waldenses. In case of refusal the British navy had promised to appear on the Tiber. Alexander was so scared a letter that he agreed to meet demand. That in turn led to the delight of the Grand Duke Ferdinand II and spodvigli send Cromwell artist Lely proposed the portrait. Cromwell agreed with pleasure and promised to return the portrait of Ferdinand as a gift.

Perhaps it is this pattern of forced Cromwell to utter his famous warning: "Mr Lely, I wish that you used all of your talent for writing accurate portrait without any flattery; Catch all the bumps, all the pimples and warts, or I do not pay you a penny ". If this is indeed the picture, the artist has obviously suffered a complete failure. The Englishman, who visited in 1658, Pitti Palace, wrote: "Here hangs a portrait of the deceased Lord Protector of England, it is not quite like."

The most famous female face Pitti Palace belongs to Eleanor Toledo. Brondzino captured her and her son Giovanni. Her oyster-colored satin dress with black and brown velvet pattern in which it was later buried. Cellini could not find it a common language - his tactless compliments led Eleanor furious. She was the daughter of the viceroy of Naples, her marriage to Cosimo I was happy and full of harmony, although it ended in tragedy. At the 1562nd herself and her two younger sons died within a month from malaria.
Palazzo Pitti (Pitti Palace)
Piazza Pitti, 1
Florence, Italy, 50125
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