Huge rip off - Big, big mistake!!!!

Member Rating 1 out of 5 by aa_dfw on May 2, 2011

I just got back from trip to Las Vegas during which we made an excursion to Skywalk at West Rim. We went to South Rim a few years ago and have wonderful memories.
Skywalk is way too expensive for what it offers. If you want to spend that money go to the Grand Canyon South Rim. It is a bit longer drive from Las Vegas, but it is absolutely worth it.
A ticket for Skywalk is around $75 per person. It offers a stunning view, but the views you can get at South Rim plus the explanations and the stories you can hear from park rangers can't compare. At Skywalk they take your camera away and if you want some pictures you have to buy them from a local photographer - priced $30-$100.
Also - employees are not friendly at all. I doubt Indian tribe sees a big portion of the revenue from tickets. Otherwise they would be bit more motivated to do a better job of treating their guests.

People do not waste your money!
Grand Canyon West (Grand Canyon Skywalk)
Pierce Ferry Road To Diamond Bar Road
Peach Springs, AZ, 89146
(928) 769-2219

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