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Chatuchak Market, also referred to as 'JJ Market', is like nothing else on earth. Arriving by sky train, the sea of corrugated steel rooftops looks endless. Once inside the gates, you will find a strip-mall meets street-vendor style of market that is packed together in a labyrinth of networks.

There are maps available from different online sources that give a general breakdown of what is sold in the different areas, but these are loosely followed in the actual market. A majority of the market is dedicated to knock-off clothing, but you will also find luggage, jewelry, luggage, car parts, electronics, pets, food, and just about anything else you can imagine.

The most important rule to remember is to bargain. If you are unaccustomed to this, hang out for a bit in a busy stall and watch others. Pay attention to the bottom prices that an item is sold. Usually, an item can be had for less than half of the original asking price. Sometimes if you indicate that you cannot agree and are leaving, they will cave and give you a lower price. If not, leave anyway...you will most likely find the item at another stall and can try again. If the vendor cannot speak your language, they will show you the price on a calculator. You then use the calculator to show them your price, and so on.

Overall, the Chatuchak Market is a very enjoyable experience. In addition to the shopping, you have a great opportunity to people watch, and see the locals' ingenuity at building shops, moving merchandise, haggling, etc.
Chatuchak Weekend Market
Paholyothin Road
Bangkok, Thailand


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