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Member Rating 2 out of 5 by Spcredoni on April 15, 2011

This is actually not a Hotel in the traditional sense. It is a small one room condominum. The price wasn't to bad from Travalociy at ____ per night. However there was pros and cons.
The pros are that it is literly on Trinity Beach, all you have to do is look out your window and see the beautiful view. The beach is a private walk way (a bunch of steps) down from the hotel. It was also nice that you could book all of your fun events right at the front desk (durring open hours only ofcourse.) Then at the end of your stay they charge you in full instead of having 5 differnt charges on your credit card. The town was peacefull and quaint. However there was a decent night life right accrose the street from the Beach. Decent amount of dinning choices and a small convience store all with in a block of the Hotel. The hotel did have a tennis court and a small pool with a BBQ.
Cons are that the bathroom in the room was nothing more then a toilet, a sink and a tinny shower that you had to squeese past the sink to get into. The shower cleanliness was lacking, that is why I bring flip flops. The light in the bathroom went out and took a day to get fixed. The Kitchenet was nice but the clossest grocery store was a mile and a half away (however they do offer free rides back to your hotel with your overpriced gorceries.) Had I had more knowledge on the Area i would have stayed right in Cairns and not in Trininty beach. The public Bus system is comprehensive. (the rates are based on how many zones your traveling through, maxing out at about 8 dollars one way.) The beach in the summer (Australian October-March) all the water is off limits due to the Box Jellyfish migration. If you want to swim you will have to go durring their Winter or wear a full wet suite with gloves and hood so the beach location all though nice to look at was not really worth the money. I almost forgot the hotel is on a very steep hill, that is difficult to climb and very dificult to drive especially while wet and slippery.
Amaroo at Trinity
92 Moore Street
Trinity Beach, Australia, 4879
(07) 4055 6066

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