Eco-friendly Lodging in Union Square

Member Rating 3 out of 5 by hillypill on April 11, 2011

There is a lot to like about the Orchard Garden including a friendly, helpful staff and a prime location on the edge of Union Square. The location is within walking distance to Union Square and the Financial District, but is just on the outskirts of the madding crowd. My friend and I booked a room with two queen beds and it was tastefully appointed in soft seafoam greens and beiges. As a "green" hotel, it’s tastefully appointed and designed to facilitate conservation and sustainability.

I really wanted to give the hotel 4.5 stars, but I have to deduct points for a collection of minor annoyances. The power was controlled by inserting a key into a slot next to the entrance. I totally support this approach, but we could never figure out how to keep the mini-fridge on---bummer. We had heard great things about the restaurant, Roots, but it was open during very limited hours (Breakfast 7-10 AM and Dinner 5:30-9ish PM). Luckily, Cafe de la Presse was across the street and available for Breakfast and Lunch. My final annoyance was that our mini-bar was never restocked.

The Orchard Garden Hotel is affordable convenient choice for traveler’s seeking eco-friendly accommodations. As long as you’re not expecting full 24 x 7 service, I would recommend this little boutique offering in the heart of San Francisco. I'd give the Orchard Garden a solid 3.5 stars.
Orchard Garden
466 Bush St.
San Francisco, California, 94108
(415) 399-9807

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