The Killing Fields

Member Rating 5 out of 5 by nofootprint on April 5, 2011

Gruesome? Yes. Sad? The worst! Should I go ? Absolutely!

This is no doubt one of those places that shows mankind at its worst. Its hauntingly quiet here .No fancy displays. 1975-1979 too close for comfort and my senses couldn't take it all in.

Behind glass there are 8000 human skulls ,men women and babies. This stomach churning reality will live on in my dreams.

I wondered ,if the bones should have been buried ,out of respect ? But so important is their story ,I think they are here to ensure we listen. Their plea to stop this kind of brutality will live on with all who visit this sad corner of Cambodia.

Admission $2.00 .Guide $5.00 ( recommended)

Tuol Museum Tuol Sleng Museum Review This is the site of the S-21 detention center. Once a school in the middle of the city it became in 1975 a center or torture and death. For some horrific reason the Khmer Rouge deemed it necessary to photograph each victim before they were killed. Today their face line the walls of the Museum and help us to visualize this sad a shameful time in History.
Choeng Ek Memorial-The Killing Fields
15 Km South Of Phnom Penh
Choeng Ek, Cambodia

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