De Gulle Gans

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De Gulle Gans

The restaurant of the Gulle Gans is located in the heart of the city of Assen and is really a great restaurant. Assen is a city that lies in the province of Drenthe in the Netherlands. It lies in the north and is near the city of Groningen. It doesn’t lay to far of the border of Germany but is still almost an hour away.

We went here because we were going out with friend to the theatre which is located on walking distance of the restaurant. We could park our car nearby and didn’t have to worry about that for the whole night because parking was free at the point. The restaurant is also close to the cinema of Assen so it’s perfect to combine a visit together. At night parking is no problem maybe during the day it might be busy with the people coming to town for shopping.

The restaurant is open from Tuesday to Sunday from 17.00 to 22.00 The prices differ from a starter from € 6.50 and soup approximately € 4, - to meat or fish dishes around € 17, - and vegetarian dishes around € 15, -. At last desserts are approximate € 6.50. Not bad prices I think.

From the first moment we walked into the restaurant we could tell there was a good atmosphere. We were welcomed by the staff and on the background you could hear people laughing and having a good time. I think it's a cosy yet luxurious ambience and the restaurant looks very clean and well taken care of. You can tell by the cleanliness of the tables but also what the staff is wearing. They are wearing uniforms that match and they suit very well with the rest of the restaurant.

The restaurant has an extensive menu with lots of different dishes from hold and cold starters, meat or fish dishes and desserts. They also have vegetarian dishes which is always good to have. The menu wasn’t too big and looked well presented. You had a good selection of food were too choose from which I always find very important. I hate when you come to a restaurant and you only have a small menu or much of the same food. The restaurant had a good menu with several dishes and option as well as desserts.

The food is always the most important! The food was delicious and was really well presented on the plate. I had a steak and it got served with some potatoes and vegetables. It was really well cooked and just the way I ordered. The potatoes were nice and also the vegetables while normally I’m not a big fan of vegetables. Food is wonderfully prepared and everything is very nicely served. I would recommend the marinated olives as an appetizer. That was really delicious. As dessert I had fresh strawberries with ice cream as you can never go wrong with that.

The staff was very nice and from the first moment we walked in, we were welcomed with a big smile and that smile didn’t leave for the rest of the night. You could tell they liked working here and wanted you to have a great time. When we got our menu’s they had a couple of suggestions and politely answered a few of our questions about the food. One of my friend has an allergy and just wanted to make the foo was ok for her. What I appreciate was that the staff member said he would make sure that the cook wouldn’t use any ingredients that she didn’t want. When he brought the food over he said he double checked with the cook to make sure. Very nice of him.

There are toilets in the back of the restaurant that looked clean throughout the night. Always very important and I think it always says something about the restaurant itself. If they can’t even keep the toilets clean how will the kitchen be and how will be food be kept? You can certainly tell a lot from just seeing the toilets.

A real winner in my eyes. The restaurant is located on a perfect location for the rest of the night and is a great place to meet up with people before going to the theatre or the cinema. The staff is very friendly from the first moment you walked in and the food taste delicious. I think the prices are reasonable and certainly worth it. We had a great time!
De Gulle Gans
Markt 18
Assen, Drenthe, 9401

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