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Member Rating 5 out of 5 by Bezerk on March 20, 2011

My first time to Teatro Limon and it is on my birthday and with friends and hubby. Thus it requires a lot of finesse to please under the circumstances.

Our friends arrive first, they have been here before and give great reviews. We are greeted by, not just YaYa the hostess and cocktail server, but by Bruce and his wife Julia as well. Hugs and presentations and yes we have the front row seats, our table front and center to the kitchen. The whole concept of this restaurant is the experience, the presentation and cooking of the meal right before your eyes, so what better way than right in front.

Our friends made reservations in advance so we had already given our likes, dislikes, allergies etc. The decor is fancy chic...clean as a whistle kitchen might I add, should be since on display for all to see. So far I am so pleased; good friends, great seats and fun time and good meals to follow.

First we start with drinks and wine ( though a wine drinker I am not). I opted for margarita frozen, usually request certain tequilas but in light of my excitement I forgot...well the margarita was great for that matter I had 2 or 3 as the night wore on. The only complaint I have is the glass, it was a tumbler for like on the rocks drinks, I prefer the pretty hand blown margarita glasses so typical in Mexico, for some reason makes a good margarita excellent...I did not mention to Bruce so he is just hearing this now..ugh oh...

We are then told what we are going to have based on our likes and such...and we will also be served some items to sample and also as a special treat surprise I guess since I have mentioned in posts and such Bruce is preparing Lobster tail for us, wow a birthday present...not Maine lobster but Mexican so we are given choice to have boiled or specialty prepared by Bruce in way he thinks will best suit warm water lobster. We decide he is the chef so go for it! I am more than thrilled at his thoughtfulness, this is a man with true heart.

First we are served a luscious asparagus something ( sorry I did not write down) soup, it is delicious. I watch hubby he is not soup lover , he really likes it. Then a very unique salad, so tasty. Next up a specialty to try: octopus with Raspberry Chipotle sauce, oh no I am not fond of octopus, but try it I say to myself...Oh gosh I love it, wish there was more..hehe. Okay main meal is up and we have been watching the cooking and talking and drinking, such fun. New York steak , large, cooked to perfection even though we were never asked how we wanted it...with two wonderful lobster tails. I am astonished, this is just a fabulous meal. I forget now what else was on dish I think maybe asparagus and small potatoes, all I know is the meal was fantastico! For dessert hubby has creme brulee and I cheesecake, even that was a different take on cheesecake and I am a cheesecake lover and baker, it was very different and good, oh it was raspberry.

Throughout the night YaYa filled our drinks as requested, Julia asked if we needed anything and took dessert orders. Bruce interacted with us while cooking, serving, etc. it was very attentive service for sure.

The restaurant was actually quite busy that night and we felt as though we were the only folks there LOL.

The cost of the meal per person was 575 pesos each for the 5 course meal. ( Does not include drinks or gratuity of course). The quality, freshness and quantity of food was well worth the price. The experience is something everyone should try at least once. We enjoyed it immensely and will definately return many times. I felt like we celebrated my birthday in a friends home at their dining room table and of course the friend is a chef.

Give this restaurant a try for the great food, personable and attentive staff, meeting the chef and making a new friend, an experience to remember forever or to repeat in time. This is a Must Do in PV. Make sure you go back home saying you went to the Teatro in Puerto Vallarta, the Teatro Limon that is.

Teatro Limon
Callejon del Limon 1
Puerto Vallarta, Pacific Coast, 48380
322 225 2606


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