Revolutionary History in Habana

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The Museum of the Revolution is situated in central/old Havana, just a short walk from the Capitalito building. This historic building is being carefully restored (so, dont be annoyed if some rooms are temporarily closed) and houses the greatest collection of artefacts, documents and display pieces associated with the Revolution. One section contains a lovingly restored 'Granma'-the boat which transported Fidel, Che, Camillo Cienfeugos, Raul Castro and eighty other Cuban revolutionaries on a treacherous voyage from Mexico to the Sierra Maestra in south-eatern Cuba. Outside, in close proximity to the Granma, burns the eternal flame of the Revolution and a collection of military hardware including: a tank used during the Bay of Pigs victory, fighter planes and the remains of a U.S. spyplane-shot down in Cuban airspace. This section is guarded by members of the Revolutionary Armed Forces, who are polite and disciplined. For security reasons, they decline photo opportunities. Apart from this restriction, tourists are permitted to photograph any part of the museums indoor and outdoor collection.
In the main building, the extent of the collection is amazing. Even the most casual and/or detached tourist will spend more time than expected in the museums main building. For anyone interested in learning a more detailed systematic history of the revolution (& with plenty of time to spend) can simply go from room to room. The documents and exhibits relating to the overthrown Dictator-Batista regime detail the corruption and brutality of this period. Included, and not for the faint-hearted, are instruments of torture used on political prisoners and anyone who fell foul of Batista's henchmen. Court documents, weapons, posters, opposition press items and a device used for pulling out prisoners fingernails, provide a most original rationale for revolution. The super-human effort of the Cuban revolutionary struggle and Socialist program are comprehensive and detailed.

The Museum of the Revolution is a 'must see' part of any visit to Havana. If you are not staying in Havana or on a day, or a day and night excursion from Varadero, it is certainly worth an hour of your daytime visit to Central/Old Habana.
Museum of the Revolution (Museo de la Revolucion)
Calle Refugio 1
La Habana, Cuba, 10600
+53 7 624091

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