Colored stone Gothic arches

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According to architectural solution of Saint-Chapelle - a Gothic version of karolingskoih palace churches. Capella is divided into two levels of equal area (600 m2), but of different heights. The upper, consecrated in the name of the Holy Cross, located on the same level with the royal apartments. It prayed for the royal family, close, high-ranking guests of the kingdom, as well as relics. The lower chapel, consecrated to the Virgin Mary, was intended for the court, the palace guards and servants.

The western facade
Entrance to the church is a two-story Gothic portico with large arched openings. Through the lower opening - the entrance to the lower chapel. Its portal is dedicated to the Virgin. Arch of the second floor was built over the balcony from which you can get into the upper chapel. Above the portico - the rose of the upper chapel. Pyramidal completion of two symmetrical towers, bell towers decorated with stone spikes, which symbolize the thorns crown of thorns.

Before the triangular pediment with a small rose - delicate marble balustrade with two turrets, decorated with the royal lilies. Two angels hold a monogram of King Charles VIII. At the top of towers, "wearing" the crown of France, and a crown of thorns (XV) Medieval Sculpture fa├žade lost (restored in the XIX century).

The spire has a height of 33 m, established in 1853. This is the fifth since the beginning of the XII century., Constructed on the model of the XV century. At the base of the spire - the figures of the apostles. The image sv.Fomy (holding a Eker, geodetic tool for constructing right angles) - Lassyus, author of the latest version of the spire. The image sv.Filippa - Deshom, restorer of the Western front. Gable roof is surrounded by a balustrade. Smooth buttresses, like tightening the entire volume of the building are completed with exquisite turrets with gutters, gargoyles.

The construction features the lower chapel (6,6 m height of the arch, the width of the nave of 6 m, lateral - 2 m) is the use of small flying buttresses that support the inner vault. Its decor is very diverse: sculpture, painting, stained glass, smaltovaya mosaic, colored glass cabochons for framing reliefs. Interesting capitals (140 pieces), issued in the form of carved fantastic plants. Original paintings and stained glass windows have been lost during the flood in 1690. Capella painted anew in the XIX century.: Blue vault, maroon walls, golden lilies and stars. One gets the impression that the church draped luxuriously.

Pay attention to clearance under the walls of stained glass. Colored stone Gothic arches are decorated with 44 medallions (XIII) Depicting scenes of martyrdom of saints.

Plot west windows and roses (the diameter of 9 m, 1498) is the Apocalypse. Stained glass is composed of three concentric circles around a central "window-eye" (89 pieces, 80 of which belong to the XIII century). In the center of the stained glass - John the Evangelist at the feet of Christ. Concentric Arrangement Stained Glass illustrates scenes from the Apocalypse: the removal of the seals, the riders, the symbols of evangelists, angels with trumpets heralding the end of the world. In the stained glass used red and blue Venetian glass, and used rare at the time the yellow paint.
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