Bait & Switch? You be the judge

Member Rating 3 out of 5 by msthomas57 on March 11, 2011

Dreams Cancun came highly recommended by many websites as well as personal friends. Overall, the resort was everything we expected, right down to the great food. Here are the HIGH lights:
Rooms are a bit dated (even in the tower) but they are clean and have a great "local" feel. Bathrooms were also clean and good for their size. Our room was ready when promised and check in was quick & easy in the tower lobby. The food is excellent, I was in heaven at World Cafe'. During our stay even restaurant across the street was included certain nights. It was tasty but I don't think I would have paid for it even with a 20% discount. Loved not having to wear wrist bands that some resorts tag you with! The service was good but no one really went over and beyond for us (and we are tippers).The pool and main beach are very small, with a larger beach on the tower side that is very far from the water. I am not a "chair saver" but this resort does nothing about those that do. There was one family that kept the same 4 chairs our whole stay!!
Now the LOW lights and what will dominate every memory about this trip:
On the 1st morning of our stay we had a note under our door stating they were seeking volunteers to move next door to the Hyatt. If we would give up our 3 remaining nights at Dreams and move, we would receive 6 free nights for a future stay. Before seriously considering the idea we went to find trying to find out details. We were told that the Hyatt was not part of the all inclusive and that would basically only sleep there, we were to still use Dreams for everything else. We were assured that we could use the additional nights any time in the next year. I specifically asked about blackout dates and were told NO BLACKOUT DATES. After deciding the compromise was worth it, we moved. While checking out we were told to come back after 7 pm to get the actually certificate, when we did, we were asked to sign a document with the offer. It clearly stated holidays were blacked out! To say that we were upset would be an understatement. We refused to sign it and were told to come back tomorrow and speak with the manager.
The next morning the front desk manager finally negotiated an amendment to the original offer. It still doesn't state to be used any time but she tried to assure us that our reservations will be accepted any time but that remains to be seen. When we checking into the Hyatt, we were told that this arrangement is standard practice between the 2 hotels, unlike the "unusual occurrence" we thought had happened. It didn't take long in our new room to feel like we were being picked for every nickel and dime we had. There was a charge to use the in room coffee pot, $7!!! We went to the convenience store, stocked up and vowed they would not get an extra dime out of us. It could have been a little easier to take if we hadn't had to pay an additional $20 a night for an ocean view! This on top of the upgraded tower room we were already paying for (that Dreams was now getting paid 2 times for!)
Now that I am home and reading all these reviews from the same time I was there that were staying at Dreams on the Apple program, I am even more concerned the over booking was not an accident. I hope we are wrong, but if it quacks like a duck.... We plan to try to use the certificate to hopefully enjoy the vacation we had planned this time but I am not getting my hopes up. If my 'DREAM" comes true and it works, I hope to have a much better memory of this resort. Until then, beware and ask lots of questions!
Dreams Cancun Resort and Spa All-Inclusive
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