Abaton Bistro

Member Rating 4 out of 5 by missj1981 on March 9, 2011

The first day in Hamburg we wanted of course go out for dinner in town but since we were tired of travelling we didn’t wanted anything fancy and just something easy and a bit quick. It was already getting late and we wanted the next day starting early to enjoy the city. This restaurant is located in the centre of the city and is easy to go to after a shopping trip or after visiting some museums.

The Abaton-Kneipe is located in the centre of Hamburg but not in the middle of the centre. It’s located a bit outside and near the Insistute of Obenstude. It’s located on the corner of the street and it has a terrace outside so it’s especially nice in the summer. It has very busy when we arrived there and especially full of young people and students. It had a great atmosphere and looked really inviting. It’s always a good sign when a restaurant is busy because then they normally have great food and good prices.

The inside of the restaurant is very young and cinema orientated with a lots of posters of movie stars and movies. It really had a nice atmosphere and it was clearly a place where students come to meet up and have a quick bite and a drink. The tables looked modern and nothing too fancy and still fine. Most important was that everything looked clean and was taken care of. That’s always the hard thing to do to make it look effortless.

The restaurant is European orientated which means they have a sort of dishes like pasta to steak and bratwurst. Very different and that makes it perfect because I was in the mood for some pasta but my husband wanted meat to fill up. I had the Italian Rigatoni Casserole which was delicious. It comes with mushrooms and mozzarella cheese which I love. The dish tasted really good and fresh and not something that came out of the microwave which you sometimes see at restaurants which I hate. My husband had a simple but very tasteful steak. As dessert I had some ice-cream and my husband had some cake which was simple but nice. To finish the meal of we had some coffee.

There are a lot of students here so you can already imagine that the restaurant isn’t expensive. And luckily for us the restaurant wasn’t expensive and quite cheap when you consider this is large city and the restaurant had an good location.. The pasta came for around 8 euro’s and the steak was 12 euro’s. The dessert was only 6 euro’s and coffee for around 2 euro’s. Normal prices I would say but not expensive but the food was really nice so worth the money.

The toilets are in the back of the restaurant and were clearly marked as men and women. The toilets looked well taken care off and clean which is always very important. There were two toilets one for the men and one for the women and were clearly signed so no trouble there.

I think the restaurant is easy accessible for people in wheelchairs. Especially in the summer it’s easy to sit outside on the terrace but it’s also possible to go inside and have dinner. You can check the website for more information or you can e-mail them or ring them so see if the restaurant is accessible for people with walking difficulties.

Worth the visit?

Yes I would say so. The restaurant looks modern and there is a great atmosphere. The staff is really nice but more important the food is tasteful and the prices are good. The restaurant had a good location and for the quality of food you get I think it was really a bargain. There are a lot of students which give the place a real young atmosphere which I like. I think the place is perfect when you are looking for a quick bite and don’t want to spend hours at the restaurant. Sometimes you just want to eat and go without any hassle and I think this restaurant is perfect for that. We certainly enjoy it and next time when we visit the city of Hamburg we will keep it in our mind. Four stars!
Abaton Bistro
Grindelhof 14a
Hamburg, Germany, 20146
+49 40 457771


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