Turtle munching zone

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Don't get me wrong, is NOT a place to eat turtle soup, is the place where the turtles come to eat sea-grass, :)

Akumal is a place where you are almost warrantied to encounter turtles in the ocean, totally free and not in an eco-park like Xcaret. This bay has shallow waters and is ideal for the sea-grass to grow and so is a very attractive place to encounter the turtles.

A big note of respect. Do not touch the turtles or any other fish or plant, they are not pets and we must try not to interfere with their life. Yes, I enjoy taking pictures of interesting animals, but try not to irritate them or put them in any kind of danger.
Precautions to take for the turtles:
-Do not swim exactly on top of them when they are heading to the surface, as you may bump with them and prevent them from breathing. Is better to swim behind or to their side.
-Do not touch their shell and never "ride" them, they are not toys.
-Use oil-free sunblock to protect both: you and the sealife.

After that lecture, here are the tourist tips.
If you don't have your own snorkel equipment, you can rent it at any of the two dive shops in Akumal, you will expend about 14usd for mask, snorkel, fins for a day. You need to leave an official ID at the shop as a guaranty.
The best spot to find the turtles is where you see grass in the bottom, if you don't know where, take you head off the water and look where the other snorkelers are located.

There are plenty of option to eat in Akumal, a bakery, a café and a grocery.
If you are not driviing a car, the options to reach Akumal from your hotel are: taxi or colective vans. The vans are cheaper but don't drop you near the beach, you will have to walk 600 meters from the highway, both ways, not a big deal. On the way back to your hotel you may have to wait for a van with space, in the afternoon everybody wants to go home and it may be crowded.

Enjoy the visit!!!
Akumal Bay
Between Playa del Carmen and Tulum
Akumal, Mexico


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