Safari Train and Monkeys

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We were fortunate enough to have complementary tickets to the Phoenix Zoo and the good weather to enjoy walking around the zoo.

First stop for Grandson#1 was the "train". That is the passion of a 2yr old! He sang the "Choo Choo Soul" song while waiting for the other patrons to board and then shouted "All Aboard!" as we took off. Mind you, this is not a real train - just a tram with several cars - but he was happy and that is all that counts.

Granddaughter #4 slept in my arms for the whole trip, lulled to sleep by the rocking motion as we road through the park. A stop at the Lion/Tiger exhibit came soon after we started, but then we had a longer ride past the monkeys to the Children's Trail for the next stop. You can get on and off the train at either of these stops (providing you had your hand stamped when you purchased the ticket at the main station) and are free to do this all day long. There is a flat bed car at the end of the tram for strollers so you don't have to carry your little one as you tour the outlying areas of the zoo.

After lunch and a ride on the carousel for GS#1 (Sit, Pop, sit! as he patted the bench seat - no horse for him!) we walked down to the monkey area. Here is an close-up contained area where you can walk among the simians and see them without cage bars in the way. They swing from tree to tree on ropes and perch on platforms just a few feet from you. Safety rules prohibit you from interacting with the monkeys, but, since they can't read, sometimes one will land on your head or shoulder. Just stand still and they will swing on their way and you will be none the worse for the experience.

We also saw the camel (you can ride on its back for a small fee) and the new elephant exhibit. They are working on the orangutan exhibit now and expect to be finished in the late spring - so we did not get to see them and GS#1 was a little disappointed.

After a few hours of walking, we headed to the car and home. Tired and happy from a full day with our Phoenix grands.
Phoenix Zoo
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