Very beautiful, perfectly clean

Member Rating 5 out of 5 by Zhebiton on March 1, 2011

First of all: for me the hotel is just a basic place to rest, he should not strain and create discomfort, he should not get into the eyes and soul, there should not be annoying staff and strain "Activiti. I'm going to relax and entertain himself, going to watch the country, people's lifestyle, rather than spend 24 hours a day without leaving the hotel, so I was fed, petted, entertained. The hotel creates an environment in which their activity I enjoy, and creates a comfortable atmosphere for relaxation. According to these criteria for me, this hotel caters to 100%.

I think many people have noted a beautiful exterior of the hotel with the waterfront, inside or worse. What is particularly pleasing and a bit surprising, despite the abundance of buildings, conversions, staircases, decorative elements - all in good condition, harmony, and nowhere obsharpannosti.
Territory. Sophisticated, very beautiful, perfectly clean. Quite a few benches, tents, small towns, where the evening or on the mood on a cloudy day you can sit / lie down, read a book to the sound of the ocean (from this pastime really enjoyed).

And for breakfast and for dinner you can choose several fundamentally different "directions" for different tastes. I'm not jumping on tables and did not attempt to try everything, for that my stomach was grateful to me :-). In the morning after jogging on the beach cup freshly squeezed juice of kiwi fruit (I'm addicted to this drink in the morning, tones and delicious), Flat dish of yogurt with nuts, cereals, scrambled eggs with ham and cheese, dessert. In the evening, fresh and steamed vegetables, roast or steak Medium Rare, Red Wine. Fish in a massive resort hotel, I do not like, if wanted, it's better to go to local restaurants - there is an individual approach to the fish, so get a much tastier. For a set put the restaurant firm five. As a basic set of food is very suitable. Do not take dinner on tour. First, the power only in one place is always tired, always want something new. Secondly, you need somewhere linger, you will find a wonderful place and want to dine there. If necessary, dinner at the hotel you can buy any number on the reception desk. When you purchase more than 5 dinners (not tied to a date, you can eat in any week of their stay) cost 27 euros per person.

We are very fortunate that our beach was at the foot of our hotel. And we did not have to do hooks, drags along the roads to be at sea. Exit from the rear yard of the hotel, oh what a beauty there. This feeling that you're standing on the mountain and everything in front of you. And the city and the beach all in full view. There is a pedestrian promenade along which you can stroll along its entire coast. And at night all lit up. Just lovely! So about a beach, you come out of the gate and then descend down a narrow path to the sea, and around the trails, trees with an unusually beautiful bright red vegetation. All clean and tidy.
But getting to the beach, do not worry much, he did the city and not very clean, the sand is and he is not black as they say, and what that gray. Generally the only thing that I did not like, so it was a beach, sand and sea. I love the blue sea, clear, white sand, and there is the opposite. And because of that sand is black and white, seems like that the water is dirty. Well, it is not clear. But if the beaches belong to the hotels, I think they would have been much cultivated, than it is.
Iberostar Grand Hotel Anthelia
Londres 15
Playa de Fanabe, Canary Islands, 38660

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