Monastery of Ten Thousand Buddhas

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I was so glad when turning from MTR Sha Tin, without the help of road signs and advice to the English-speaking passersby, she went to the hills, which, as stated in my guide, and should be Monastery of Ten Thousand Buddhas.
Reach the inner courtyards could be on ekskalatoru, one of the tiers is an artificial pond with giant goldfish, there is a golden statue of the deity unknown to me, prudently harvested for glass; tier above there are three golden statues, each with its own specific.

If you look in order, in a territory where there is no people, where all the pointers nedublirovanny in English, but in these premises with the characters and pictures on the walls, to whom her candle incense ... some tourists are particularly out of place.
But There are wonderful views of the covered light haze, the valley of Sha Tin in the winter.
Because the monastery of Ten Thousand Buddhas is not ekskalator, and more than 400 steps. And it's the little, what a guide, vypushenny 4 years ago (and in Hong Kong is an impermissible error) is not lied. And on the edges of this long and sometimes very steep uphill, stairs to and from the golden statue of Buddha sitting in the complete human growth. That is enough to be not to go up to the hills and turn to Sheung Wo Che Road, to be directly in the index, which leads to the stairs.

Totally man-sized golden Buddha statues, white whites of the eyes with bright red lips ... All are completely different: the Buddha with children. Buddha riding on a fish, the Buddha sitting and standing Buddha, Buddha-old baby-and Buddha, the Buddha and the Buddha who asks the giver, the Buddha's leading stag deer and Buddha sitting astride a tortoise, talking Buddha and the Buddha indicates, the Buddha grieving and laughing Buddha, Buddha begging Buddha is humble, compassionate Buddha, and Buddha surprising.
On which side do not go around - the Buddha will look at you. More attention to "Buddha" for you to add a Monday morning - only on the way back down the stairs I met a couple of retired tourists from Europe. They also exchanged views with the Buddhas.

But all these Buddha on the stairs were not counted. Because the wall shelves of the main hall of the monastery were lined against the whole name of mathematical logic, nearly 13,000 small statues of Buddhas in different poses and different facial expressions, under each of which is "ieroglifirovano" his name to donate. And at the center of the temple the statues of Buddha Large.

On the wall of the same main hall and I saw an ad on Fake monk. Ever monks, without which manages every second story of tourists. visited Hong Kong. Announcement states that the labor, the monks will never walk through the monastery just so, and if they are walking, do not talk to tourists. and if they began to speak, then do not ask them for money. So ignore those Fake monks. or better yet - call the police.
In fact, it's all true. Because the outfit, like a monk's clothes (as a tourist and did not notice the difference) to get to Hong Kong easy. Next: a box in his hands and the expression of the petitioner in person and ... the search for tourists willing to sacrifice the churches and monasteries penny, if not cheap. Sometimes, razdobrevshy from a very large offerings of monk can give in return a cheap bracelet of colored stones, and even record the donor's name in some sort of honorary book.
One word at a "restoration" of all the temples with monks feyk-no tourists will not be enough, but get rid of them is even more difficult than from our Gypsies. Triggered only repeated a dozen times: "No money, no money!", Only here a rogue Chinese believe that a foreigner in China and have no money?

Goddess of Mercy Kwun Yam on the patio facing face-to-red pagoda with a height of four-story house. Also along the terrace in front of the temple itself does not set the gold, but the colorful statues of 18 students of the Buddha. Absolutely all the fierce expression on his face.
Ten Thousand Buddhas Monastery
220 Pai Tau Village
Sha Tin, Hong Kong
(852) 2691-1067

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