An ultimate "must see" in Rome!

Member Rating 5 out of 5 by Grundsu on February 18, 2011

What can be said about the Colosseum that hasn't already been said? Probably nothing. Do I really need to write a review to convince someone visiting Rome for the first time that they must go to the Colosseum? I certainly hope not! I feel an urge to go back a second time, and spend even more time wandering through the labyrinth, trying to envision gladiators and wild animals, cheering crowds, vendors selling food and drink. Seeing this structure must be an architects dream.

The biggest drawback is the number of people, and unless you book your tickets in advance you could end up standing in line for a long, long time. I personally found the gladiators who were strutting around, posing with the tourists to be tacky and a little creepy, but some love them, and it's a great photo op, especially if you've got kids.

The best views of the whole structure are from Palentine Hill. And to avoid the long lines, try to find a reputable guide. The Colosseum does offer an audio guide, but I didn't need to use one so I can't comment on the quality, however I've heard that they're pretty good.

The Colosseum/Coliseum
Piazza Del Colosseo
Rome, Italy, 00184
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