Gay friendly nightclub in historic Las Olas!

Member Rating 4 out of 5 by StephenMU19 on February 18, 2011

Another great nightclub that I discovered when I was on my south Florida plunge was Living Room Nightclub. Wow! I was told that it was brand new so I went with my friend. Before I went, I didn't know that it was known as a gay-friendly club, but that didn't bother me once I saw the place. For anyone who has never been to a gay-friendly club/bar, they really are accepting of all sexual orientations, not just homosexuality. Living Room is on the western part of Las Olas Blvd, near Fort Lauderdale-by-the-sea and honestly only a few feet away from a yacht marina. The club is on the second floor of a very nice building, and the entrance starts on a permanent outdoor lounge patio. At around 11pm or so was when we went and the line took maybe 5 minutes to turn-over (not very long considering south Florida standards of hour or more waits). I must say, purely from an aesthetic approach, Living Room is the nicest club in Fort Lauderdale. As you walk inside, you notice right away the loud-pulsating music and computer-modulated light shows all over the place. It really does create a universe of heightened emotions. Outside, where we sat talking to some girls for awhile, was a lounge area with very modern furniture. A swing was near by for enjoyment I guess, people were on it having fun. There are many rooms inside and the unique design of the place allows for a free range walk from inside to outside without too much trouble.

The place was packed because a drag show was going on. I have never in my life seen something so bizarre but cool at the same time. A stage is to the left as you walk in, on on it, though I could not see very well due to the high volume of people, was a women dressed as a bird walking around half naked. Very bizarre indeed! The drinks were reasonably priced around $8, and the staff was friendly enough. The further you went through the club (different rooms with different ambiances, music, and furniture) the less and less populated it became. If you want a nicer placer to converse, I suggest going outside however either in the front lounge area or on the side patio area.

Really, if your in south Florida, this place puts Fort Lauderdale on the map.
Living Room Nightclub
300 Southwest 1st Avenue
Fort Lauderdale, Florida
(888) 992-7555

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