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Arc de Triomphe is located on an area of Charles de Gaulle. Around the arch is constructed roundabout and cars "rays" depart several streets.
The arch can be accessed through an underground passage ... Go ...
Arch somehow does not strike the size and height, although it (height) of 50 meters, and it's almost two 10-storey building.

The arch was built almost 30 years by order of Napoleon in honor of military victories of France.
On the walls of the arch engraved with the names of 128 battles, won by the imperial army, as well as the names of 558 French generals.

Let's look inside.
In order to climb up the arch to be overcome 286 degrees on a very narrow spiral staircase.
Rising to fall into...Here is something like a small history museum arch.
And in the center of the room - the screen on which the broadcast is happening under the arch.

Rise a little more.... and here we are at the top...
Now is the time to look around. It should be noted that the opening forms do not yield species with the Eiffel Tower.
Top you can see a lot of great roofs.
Arc de Triomphe
Place Charles-de-gaulle
Paris, France, 75008
+33 (1) 55 37 73 77

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