No wonder the place is empty

Member Rating 1 out of 5 by David Danz on February 12, 2011

Been going here for 10 years since it was the Reef Club. Danger/ be careful/ watch out.......everything has changed. Regency Club owners now restricted to a small portion of the hotel grounds. Sold you one thing and now get something else. Only good news is the rest of the resort (now adults only......three areas already were) is DEAD...Nothing going guests. Occupancy is way, way, way DOWN. How did that work out for You (Houston). Even the STAFF hates it. Did you ever hear of the term a "CONTRACT"? Doesn't mean anything here. At least their taking it in the (Financial) rear end. Which corporate exec ruined this wonderful resort. WARNING......stay away until they return things to the way they were!!!!!!!!!!
Sabor Cozumel Resort & Spa All-Inclusive
Km. 12.9 Zona Hotelera
Cozumel, Mexico, 77600
52 (987) 8729300

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