Don't do it

Member Rating 1 out of 5 by Camel-flage on January 24, 2011

Save your money and just hire a guide and a few horses to take you around Mongolia.
Bernard and Tuya were totally unhelpful during our "trek" in 2010, as was our know-nothing, apathetic "guide" who was too busy feuding with one of the other guides. We happened to pick up a helper in Olgii who saved the day, but had nothing to do with Happy Camel. "Trekking" constituted walking down open gravel roads in western Mongolia for two days. "Trekking days" were ofgen 5k or less. Overpromised, underdelivered. I highly don't recommend this company. Sorry guys. You might want to get those itineraries together before you advertise them and charge people $5000 for a crappy tour and horrible service.
Happy Camel Tours and Expeditions
Chez Bernard Bakery Peace Avenue
Ulaanbataar, Mongolia

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