The main thing - it's panoramic views

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Victoria Peak - is one of the tops of mountains that separates Hong Kong island in half.
The road goes up the most beautiful places, winding serpentine by thick subtropical forests, between luxury villas and small groups of multi-storey prestigious buildings, each of which constitutes an autonomous state with its own security and infrastructure.
More interesting for tourists to use to lift up a tram - a funicular railway. Wagons with a stepped floor, certainly modern, but the style of old, for about ten minutes will bring up.
Steepness is such that at times breathtaking, and remembers roller coaster. The attraction is not for those with a weak heart and nervous imagination. Slope - from barely noticeable to four degrees and thirty.
Tram route to the Victoria Peak was built over a hundred years ago. The current model - smaller, about fifteen.
Two linked cars take on board 120 passengers and climb up, pulling on heavy-duty steel ropes.
Back tram rolls backwards, so that everyone sits back to inexorably approaching the city.
Ropes, which have a tram, in contrast to the majority of cable cars, not at the top and bottom, between the wheels, on the strength of an almost five-fold overlapping the permissible load. Sam "climber" weighs 30 tons, and hoist motor controls the computer.
When in the lift at an angle under 30 degrees you presses the back of a wooden seat, there is an involuntary emotion, especially as only the right to move the motion starts to open Hong Kong in all its splendor banking.
The upper cable car station is located in the building of "Peak Tower". It's standing on two pillars, hemisphere, or rather, a crescent moon, turned the sharp ends up.
The building seems a little - and its original form, but in reality it is huge, and contains in itself, apart from the tram station, numerous shops, cafes, restaurants, cinemas and the local version of the museum of wax figures, briefly known as "Madame Tussauds". Here in Hong Kong, it is slightly less than in London, but the collection is quite rich.
The museum is located in the underground part of the "Peak Tower" and to get into it, you need to go down the elevator.
When the cab stopped and the doors open, then you see the dark corridor leading deeper into the museum.
The exhibition presents, of course, the British royal family, Princess Diana separated, Hitler, Churchill, Einstein, etc. The standard set.
Chinese theme called mandatory Jackie Chan and the original song "Arrival of Chinese President in Hong Kong." Here I would add to the title of this phrase - "to accept the new property."
On the contrary "Peak Tower" - a mandatory multi-storey shopping center full of shops, and even more restaurants. Then just what - the realm of food and plenty of visitors, as if all the guests were raised here as the top climbers on steep rocks, and, therefore, very hungry.
But, of course, the main thing - it's panoramic views. From the roof of shopping center, with viewing platforms "Peak Tower" and even the area between them open up an amazing picture - "Hong Kong Forest, Aberdeen, Kowloon and Lantau Island. Since each site can be seen that - then its in a different location than the light.
Particularly impressive in this panorama in the evening, when the city appears as millions of lights going off into the horizon.
Victoria Peak
128 Peak Road.
Hong Kong
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