Park for more than a hundred years.

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At Tibidabo, one of the highest points of Barcelona, is the city park, located at an altitude of 500 meters above sea level. Park for more than a hundred years.
In addition to rides there is a museum of dolls, slot machines and the Temple of the Sacred Heart.
Tibidabo Park, with its observation tower and all imaginable attractions, inevitably becomes one of the most vivid memories of early childhood, each resident of Barcelona.
A couple of species at Barcelona with the bird's-eye view.
This entertainment can be a real surprise for the tourists. Expecting to meet all modern achievements for entertainment, many will be surprised, because the park at Tibidabo - an echo of the childhood of those who are now about fifty.
Ferris wheel, carousel, swings, children's railway - which of the famous parks and entertainment centers can boast of such a set vintage amusement rides? It seems a little more, and the loudspeaker will sound the Rio Rita.
You can "fly" an airplane over the city.
In addition, if you experience sharp - an integral part of the holiday, you can visit Krueger Hotel El Terror, an abandoned hotel, which is like go and see the characters of famous horror films. Children accompanied by an adult! Another is a museum of mechanical toys, which unfortunately we do not fall, but will get into next time.
Sarrià Sant Gervasi
Barcelona, Spain, 08035

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